3 Days to Go!

Buenos Dias!

This is Andrea and Katy, writing from San Felix in Panama. We both arrived on Thursday and spent the entirety of this day traveling by bus from Panama City. We had quite the journey. What was supposed to be a six hour trip turned into nine hours when the bus broke down and we were stranded for a while. We had a fine the time though, especially at lunch. Katy ordered a dish she described as ‘tasting like chicken’ but unbeknownst to her was actually cow stomach. Both of us were incredibly excited for what was to come. The night before, we had stayed up late talking about our plans for the camp and our goals in the next week. Both of us utilize theatre as a means for social justice back in the states, and when we heard about Amber’s camp, wanted to help in any way we could. 

Currently the rain is coming down here in San Felix. We are staying at Amber’s house tonight, and she has been kind enough to treat us to a spaghetti dinner. Tomorrow we meet the Peace Corps Volunteers and get to begin the first of our theatre training sessions. We hope to make it a fun experience for the Volunteers, and have many games planned. 

Thank you so much for your support! 

-Andrea and Katy