Day 3: Music, Monologues, and Monsoons

Today was an exciting day! We started by playing trust games led by Leigh. The kids enjoyed them and started to build ensemble within their groups. After trust games, I taught everyone the choreography for the dance we will be performing on Thursday night. All the kids learned it really quickly, and four of them volunteered to sing the song while the rest of us dance at the performance. 

After lunch, Hennessy taught the kids how to tell their own story. They spilt into partners and told each other about their happiest day. Then they told the stories to the whole group. Fidel, who won one of the spirit awards, told a story about when he gave a presentation for his class and he was scared at first, but then he did well and realized that presenting wasn’t scary. 

Then Justin and I taught the group how to audition and give positive and constructive feedback. Four kids signed up for the auditions tomorrow and they are going to perform a variety of acts including poems or songs. If they do well at their audition, they will perform their act during the performance on Thursday. 

At the end of the day we rehearsed the choreography on the stage, and then we moved into the classroom to play a rousing game of Cat and Mouse. After the game, we all sat down on the floor but suddenly a few of the kids in the corner stood up with a yelp. The room was flooding from the monsoon happening outside. We moved the kids into another room for the spirit awards and the facilitators cleaned up the flood. 

Tomorrow is the last day of camp and the performance! We are all very excited!!