Drigari Camp Reflections from other Facilitators

"Our students that have come from the remote communities surrounding Drigari are pretty awesome. They have been both active and receptive to our wonderful sessions. These sessions have focused on topics such as being a change agent as well as how to dance and act in a short drama. The really wonderful thing is that the majority of people in this little community are gone so we've had our camp space to ourselves free of distractions. Considering how much progress the kids have made, I have a lot of hope for the camp." -Zack

"The rehearsals and the dance performance were my favorite parts of the week.  I got to be silly, animated and fully concentrated on song and dance (two of my favorite things in the world).  Not only that, I got to help creatively convey important information on how/when/why to wash one’s hands to prevent the spread of gastrointestinal illnesses.  And I got to do all of this through an activity that made the kids smile, laugh, and enjoy themselves.  For years now I have wondered how the things I enjoyed most (adventure, performance art and health work) could possibly overlap into one brilliant, joyous, meaningful job.  This week I finally found out.  I’m so thankful Amber thought of it and made it happen.  And AOA is really, truly happening.  I can’t wait to see how it progresses and how many more amazing camps she ends up doing in the future!  I hope this isn’t the last time I get to work with her and help a camp happen, because it was a joy and a privilege.   Until next time!" -Claire