The Second Camp

I finished my service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama in August 2015 and spent several months backpacking Central America. By the time I reached the US in December, Leigh and several other PCVs were calling me back. 

Word about the first theatre camp spread, and more communities wanted to try it out. By February 2016 I found myself back in Panama, easily slipping back into my relaxed campo Spanish mixed with indigenous phrases. 

This time, we tackled the Carribbean coastline. The town of Drigari opened its homes to the facilitators and youth from neighboring Kuite and Odobate. I cannot express how welcoming and supportive these families were- especially on day three when we got hit with a flash flood. Within two hours, the community was under three to four feet of water from the overflowing river. There's a reason all homes and buildings in town are on stilts 6 feet in the air.

We managed to keep everyone safe and dry until transportation could be arranged to send everyone home. The final performance didn't get to happen in Drigari, which was incredibly disappointing, but local performances happened later. Lessons were learned, friendships were formed, and meaningful memories were made by everyone. But don't take my word for it. In the proceeding blog posts, I'll let the participating Volunteers share their stories themselves...



Rehearsal in Drigari 

Rehearsal in Drigari