Greetings from Newtok, Alaska!

We arrived yesterday morning around 9:00 thanks to a weather window and met Principal Lisa Kwoka, our excellent and accommodating host.

We have one classroom for sleeping and stuff storage, one classroom part time for art projects, and another one after school for rehearsals. The gym is our performance space.

Art projects are starting today with Kindergarten and first graders using water color to paint salmon that we will use for the show. We have a schedule for the week to work with every grade level - art projects are in the morning.

In the afternoon we went into the high school classes introducing ourselves and encouraging the students to come to rehearsal. Eight students came, six girls and two boys. One boy left after the snack break. The energy from the group was great and they were very excited to participate in the show. After playing some theater games and doing some exercises, we did a read-through with the students switching off parts.

We have auditions today and plan to cast the play.