Acting Out Awareness presents SparkArt, a workshop series for artists interested in creating social justice theatre. Each event in the series partners with a Chicago-based non-profit and showcases the work they are doing. The evening will feature a presentation and curriculum designed to get artists involved in creating pieces around the organization's mission. The event is free and open to the public but pre-registration on AOA’s website is required.

SparkArt was started by AOA as a way of bridging the gap between artists and social activist organizations. As stated by Andrea Sutherland, Head of the Acting Out Awareness Artistic Partnership Program: “ after hearing far too many people say they were ‘interested’ in a certain issue but didn’t know how to help, we set out to try something new. SparkArt is a safe space designed to connect artists with orgs, giving  them a chance to use theatre as a means of exploring social justice issues.”