Training of the Trainers


48 hours until camp launch! While the team captains answered the last minute questions from uncertain parents and double checked the packed bags for the 30 excited kids in site, the facilitators spent an informative day in San Felix, where “the engineers were turned into theatre people and the theatre people were turned into Peace Corps Volunteers.”  After a brief introduction on Ngäbe and Emberá culture for Katy and Andrea, the facilitators practiced effective techniques for running a children’s camp, learned a brief overview of theatre history, and collaborated in small groups to finalize the week’s engaging presentations and activities.  Accomplishments of the day include the completion of an environmental health themed Jeopardy, everyone learning to say “downstage” in Spanish, and finalizing the pounds of rice required to properly feed 40 hungry children and volunteers- 92!


Theatre Camp Facilitators!

Theatre Camp Facilitators!



It’s the final countdown!!! We kicked off the day with a group morning workout followed by a pancake breakfast. In the morning we practiced presenting the tricky parts of the sessions, learned some choreography, and gave everyone a chance to practice being a director. We tried to keep everything really laid back and easy in order to conserve our energy for the crazy days ahead. My neighbor made us tamales for lunch and because avocados are in season, our family dinner is fajitas with a big bowl of guacamole. 

Matt texted me this evening, he and his kids have arrived in Tole, a town 20 minutes from camp. They started their journey Friday morning taking a boat across the ocean, spent Saturday on a bus to Panama City, and another 8 hours on the bus today. It’s a relief to hear that they are still happy and healthy after such a journey.

We’re all set. All that’s left to do is get a good night’s rest. Let’s do this!